Christmas Eve at Covenant Church

We are so glad you are interested in our Christmas Eve Services. On this page you can find descriptions of our three servicces, pictures from years past, and a form where you can request more information. I hope you find all of these things helpful and that you join us in celebration of Christmas on December 24th at 5:00, 7:00, or 10:00.

~ Pastor Kevin

Christmas Eve Services

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5:00 pm - This service is a quieter celebration of the incarnation of God. We will read the Christmas story as recorded by Luke. The service will include several Christmas carols, the sacrament of Holy Communion and end with the traditional singing of Silent Night as we light the candles.


7:00 pm - This service a family-oriented service featuring familiar carols and an opportunity for children to take part in the Christmas story. The service will end with the candlelight singing of Silent Night where even small children can particpate using glowsticks in the place of burning candles.

This is not your button up Christmas Eve Service. Expect fun, a little organized chaos, and an invitation to participate.

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10:00 pm - This service is our musical service. As always, the music will be outstanding and will combine with scripture to retell the story of our Savior come to save the people of the world. Join us for this traditional service and participate in the familiar candle lighting at the end of the service.

Photos From Past Christmas Eve Services